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Attack on Titan heading to Toonami


Attack on Titan; the super popular anime where giant humanoid creatures called Titans appeared out of nowhere and almost wipe out humanity. Its no secret that I am a fan of the anime (which has only received one season so far with an ongoing manga) and...


New Phone! Moto G


My Birthday was Friday March 8th (spent part of it at the Japan Festival). I managed to acquire a an awesome birthday gift a couple days before my actual birthday which I have been testing for the past two weeks! My new Moto G replaces...


Discovery Channel feature: Super Japan


I surfed into a video about why Japanese trains are so punctual and discovered a multi-part series aired on Discovery Channel Asia titled “Super Japan”. I have watched the first 3 episodes of the very interesting (and short) 5 part series and thought I’d share...


Samurai Flamenco – First Impressions

Samurai Flamenco - 01

After some digging I’ve compiled a decent list of anime I have been checking out over the past week. One of the anime that I have gotten interested in and watched up to episode three at the time of this post is Samurai Flamenco. A quirky...


Japan Festival a big hit with Jamaicans


The Japan Festival or Nihon Matsuri held yesterday at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew was well attended by Jamaicans. A rain delay caused the event to start a little late but like true Japanese the organizers ran a tight, well-planned show that...


Transformers: Age of Extinction Teaser Trailer

The Transformers franchise is getting a 4th movie. It is the start of a second trilogy following up on the first trilogy all of which I watched at the theatre and blogged about here on The first Transformers movie surprisingly didn’t suck (in my eyes), Transformers:...


Japan Matsuri/Festival Jamaica set for March 8th

Japanese Festival matsuri jamaica Poster

Japan and Jamaica will celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations and friendship in March .As part of the celebrations, the Embassy of Japan will host the biggest of its yearlong commemorative events the “Nihon Matsuri” Japanese festival at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on March...


Godzilla! – Movie Trailer

Godzilla is one of those classic popular culture icons that gave me a eureka moment so many years ago when I found out it originated in Japan. First released 1954 the Godzilla franchise is known worldwide with many spin-off films, series, cartoons, toys and memorabilia...