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New Phone! Moto G


My Birthday was Friday March 8th (spent part of it at the Japan Festival). I managed to acquire a an awesome birthday gift a couple days before my actual birthday which I have been testing for the past two weeks! My new Moto G replaces...


Japan Festival a big hit with Jamaicans


The Japan Festival or Nihon Matsuri held yesterday at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew was well attended by Jamaicans. A rain delay caused the event to start a little late but like true Japanese the organizers ran a tight, well-planned show that...


Lynxx is the new Kitten in town


Longtime readers should remember when I got my first kitten I named ‘Polar’ last summer and how her tragic accidental death left a gulf in my life that I am honestly not completely over. After months and months without a feline pal I was successfully...


Best of from 2013


Another new year is upon us. As I like to do at the beginning of a new year I looked back at 2013 at took the liberty of picking out a handful of posts that I think represent the best had to offer over...

More wins big at Jamaica Blog Awards


Today is a good day for At the 2012 staging of the Jamaica Blog Awards at  South Beach Cafe in Kingston I won a personal achievement award for excellence in blogging. As a longtime blogger being recognized for my work over the years on


Japan Snippet – Japan Rail Pass


Right up there with airline tickets and a Japan visa, buying a Japan Rail Pass was a very important item for my trip to Japan to even be possible. I spent many hours figuring out how the pass works how to get it and calculated...