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Category: featured wins big at Jamaica Blog Awards


Today is a good day for At the 2012 staging of the Jamaica Blog Awards at  South Beach Cafe in Kingston I won a personal achievement award for excellence in blogging. As a longtime blogger being recognized for my work over the years on

More Youtube Channel Updates


Since last October I have been going through the dozens of videos I recorded while in Japan and picking out of few that I seem share-able and have been uploading them to Youtube. Most of the uploads are short clips on average around a minute...


Best of from 2012


2012 is now history but it was a very important year to me personally and as it relates to blogging. Following on from my trip to Japan in September 2011 I took my time to share my experiences via a plethora of blog posts that...


Japan Snippet – Japan Rail Pass


Right up there with airline tickets and a Japan visa, buying a Japan Rail Pass was a very important item for my trip to Japan to even be possible. I spent many hours figuring out how the pass works how to get it and calculated...


Tokyo on Foot – Book Review


I have reviewed some great Japan related books over the years but “Tokyo on Foot” may be my favourite Tokyo related book ever. I like this book so much because it is very unique, showcases they artistic skill of the author and offers a genuine...


10 Awesome Anime Villains


I originally wanted to call this post “My 10 favourite anime villains but the list surged way past 10 and I couldn’t shred it down so I chose five that had to make the list and chose another 5 at random then deleted the others....


Eating Okonomiyaki in Kyoto


Just about every waking hour of my Japan experience was enjoyable and memorable in some way or another. Even when it became time eat I was still being adventurous almost all the time. I have already covered quite a few of my gastronomical adventures when...


Todai-ji – Buddhist temple complex in Nara


Todai-ji or the “Great Eastern Temple” is one of the most famous landmarks in Nara. It ranked highly on my list of “must visit” places in Japan and after being greeted on my arrival in Nara by tricky but cute deer I made my way...