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Category: Gaming

Playstation 4 finally released in Japan


Why did the Playstation 4, a gaming console from a Japanese company not launch in Japan like every gaming related product the company has produced such as the PSone and PS2 to PS3, PSP, and Vita? With consoles becoming more complexed and producers unable to...


Gaming PC gets new internals – GPU still needed

corsair vengeance DDR3 memory

Last time I blogged about my gaming PC was when I started calling it “Frank” (short for Frankenstein) because it was made up of a mixture of old parts but celebrating the arrival of a brand new super fast solid-state hardrive. Fast forward 9 months...


My 10 most anticipated video games of 2014

Middle-earth - Shadow of Mordor

2014 brings us a combination of new games and brand new next-gen consoles which translates to mean the potential for being a good year to be a gamer. I’ve been dropping out of the gaming loop more and more over the last few years but...


Yakuza Ishin Caught my Eye at Tokyo Game Show 2013

Yakuza Ishin - PS4

Yakuza Ishin, the next installment of the long running Yakuza series is being described as “Grand Theft Auto” set in 18th century Japan. Sadly though, it may never be released outside of Japan, although with the PS4 being region free, one could technically buy it...


Meet my Star Wars: The Old Republic characters


Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG that I have been playing on and off for a year and a half now. With the first year of college done I have been spending a lot more time in the SWTOR Galaxy plotting the demise...


My First Loot Crate – Gamer Geek Goodies


Its no secret I am a gamer and I am a very proud geek, so when I discovered a website a few months ago that promised to send me epic gamer geek goodies every month I was ecstatic… until I realized that they don’t ship...


Solid State Drive upgrade for my aging Gaming PC


I often day-dream about some day owning uber awesome gaming rig complete with $1000 graphics cards, dual 32 inch monitors and a computer chair that beams me into the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom and back at the click of a button. Then I wake up and I look...


Gaming Log


This page is where I keep a log of all the video games I have been playing and I am looking forward to playing. I do not intend to go into very much detail but instead each update will be like a short log of...