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J-Drama Sundays: Osen – Guest Post


Food usually equals an instant win, but food and solid Japanese culture can overcome almost any story and visual flaws that may ever exist in a drama. Fortunately those flaws didn’t exist in this, to a major extent. Plot There are a lot of conveniences...


J-Drama Sundays: Hammer Session – Guest Post


I really like fun J-Dramas where the characters do fun and crazy stuff, especially when it is out of the norm. Hammer Session is one of those because it definitely goes outside the bounds of what I call a traditional J-Drama. Plot Imagine a guy...


Sunao ni Narenakute – The Twitter J-Dorama

Sunao ni Narenakute cast

I’ve been missing from the Japanese drama scene for a while now but for the last couple months I have been sneaking in an episode or 2 of a couple series I am watching. Completed watching Sunao ni Narenakute or Hard to Say I Love...


One Year Since my Japanese Drama Plunge


It’s a year since my decision to started watching Japanese dramas properly with the aim being to expose myself to naturally spoken Japanese in an attempt to improve my own learning of the language while hopefully being entertained. A year later I have watched 7...


Stand UP!! – Japanese Drama


After almost drowning in a sea of tears while watching Innocent Love I decided that the next Japanese drama I would check out after that would have to be more cheerful. Stand UP!! is a drama that is as cheerful as they come and with...


Innocent Love – Japanese Drama


Innocent Love is the 6th Japanese drama I took the time to watch in it’s entirety and the second most recommended one behind Great Teacher Onizuka. The main reason I didn’t watch it earlier is because I judged it from just looking at the advertising...


Great Teacher Onizuka


Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO as it is often abbreviated is a very popular Japanese drama that was originally a manga series. It was one of the first series recommended to me when I decided to take my Japanese drama plunge. With only a few...


Liar Game – A Competition for Liars

My Japanese drama plunge continues and my latest review is of Liar Game, the first Japanese drama series of the few  have watched so far that I am not so fond of. Liar Game is a a series filled with mystery, suspense, mind games, obvious...


Akihabara@DEEP – the Otaku J-Dorama

Akihabara@DEEP is a very interesting drama and the third series I have seen through to the end. The series combines action and comedy well while offering a no frills  street level view of Akihabara. Akihabara@DEEP isn’t a series for anyone but for persons like me...


Nobuta wo Produce

Nobuta wo Produce is the second Japanese drama I have taken the time to watch properly and see through to the end. My Japanese drama plunge continues and my readers can look forward to many more reviews of Japanese dramas that I enjoy watching. Have...