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Chronixx – Smile Jamaica – Video and Lyrics

Jamaica’s local music scene has spawned many international hits and superstars over the decades and our music has influenced artists and sounds globally. The latest local son that seems destined for global stardom is Chronixx, a young vocalist who burst on the scene last year...


Japan’s Reggae Affair A Deception? – Jamaica Gleaner


An interesting article entitled “Japan’s Reggae Affair A Deception?” was published in last Sunday’s Jamaica Gleaner that was written by Gleaner writer Mel Cooke. It speaks about the popularity of reggae music in Japan, why it is popular and some of the changes that are affecting...


Genki Sudo’s World Order Album Music Videos

My occasional foray into Japanese popular music or J-pop unearths some real gems from time to time and I think I have found another, a self titled dance, trance, electronic musical album called World Order presented by Genki Sudo a retired Japanese mixed martial artist...


Japanese Woman Living In My Closet


I recently discovered and have been listening to a catchy song called Japanese Woman living in my Closet by the indie rock band Miniature Tigers a lot lately so  I thought I’d share the audio addiction so you all can consider adding it to your...


MTV Japan 2010 VMAs – Reggae Video Nominees


Japan is the second largest music market in the world with a vibrant local music scene and deep connection to the global music industry. Jamaican music is big in Japan with many local entertainers releasing Japan-only albums and touring Japan regularly. MTV Japan like it’s...


Queen Ifrica


Queen Ifrica is a reggae songstress that has been blazing a trail on the local music scene for a few years now but has recently started to get international recognition. Songs like ‘Far Away’, ‘Daddy’ and ‘Below the Waist’ have been anthems with Jamaicans and...


‘Rise Again’ – Haiti Relief Song Music Video

It has been less that a month since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti and devastating the capital city of  Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. An estimated 200,000 people were killed in the main tremor and dozens of powerful aftershocks. The Presidential palace, Parliament and many...


Jamaican Music – Mr G – Before the Year Done

The local music scene in Jamaica is a very vibrant one. The history of Jamaican music is a very interesting one an it is always fascinating to read books, watch TV programs or listen to veterans of the industry explaining how the local music scene...