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Japan Festival a big hit with Jamaicans


The Japan Festival or Nihon Matsuri held yesterday at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew was well attended by Jamaicans. A rain delay caused the event to start a little late but like true Japanese the organizers ran a tight, well-planned show that...


Japan Snippet – Narita Express

Narita Express Logo

The Narita Express was the first trained I took when I arrived in Japan after a 20+ hour 2 plane trip from Kingston to Tokyo. That first relaxing train ride may have contributed to my romantic experience with the Narita Express. Many critics say it...


Cool Blue Hole Revisited


Cool Blue Hole is a hidden natural gem that is a favourite getaway of mine. I first visited three years ago and shared some great photos in a blog post here. Since then I have been back a couple of times and last weekend I...


Jamaipanese is now on Instagram!


I recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy S4 (more on that later) to replace my now ancient HTC Legend and while going app download crazy over the last few days I discovered that Instagram in now on Android! Why didn’t anyone tell me Instagram was on Android now? I thought you were all my...


Awesome Urban Japan Photos by Flickr member “hidesax”


The photographer in me goes crazy whenever I see awesome photos by talented photographers. Flickr is a fertile “looking ground” packed with millions of awesome photos that I sometimes find myself lost in for hours on end. Combine the photographer in me with the Japan...


Art of SUMO – photographed by Tomoki Momozono

Art-of-SUMO- Tomoki-Momozono-4

Sumo wrestling is a sport misunderstood by many and unfortunately the sport mostly makes the news these days for all the wrong reasons. I hope to be able to to witness a Sumo wrestling competition one day in the future. I surfed into some awesome photographs by Tomoki...


Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay + Video


Anime Expo 2011 (AX 2011) has concluded and was held from July 1-4 2011 in Los Angeles, California. It is the largest anime Expo in North America and a yearly event I still hope to be able to attend one day in the future. As expected...