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NHK World TV Live on your Android device


NHK World has an Android app that allows users to view live TV. NHK World is a public broadcasting station similar to the BBC and it produces news and other features primarily related to Japan all day every day. I watch a lot of BBC...


2016 Acura NSX


The Honda NSX as it was known when I was much younger was one the coolest cars ever during my teenaged years. I remember clearly many heated car discussions where my friends would be split between the Toyota Supra and the Nissan Skyline and I...


I like to Tweet like a Robot, do you? #jamaibot


All fully or partly mechanical creations/lifeforms are cool; robots, androids, cyborgs, gynoids, the Borg… well maybe not the Borg. Point is that everyone has one (or more) mechanical love(s) in their life at one time or another be it Astro Boy, R2D2, C3PO, Megaman, Asimo,...


Mash Di Button 2014 – Fighting Game Tournament


Its been a long time since I attended a fighting game tournament. I’ll probably never be skilled enough to compete but I’m looking forward to attending the 2014 staging of “Mash Di Button 2014″ on May 31st at the A Bar restaurant and lounge in...


New Phone! Moto G


My Birthday was Friday March 8th (spent part of it at the Japan Festival). I managed to acquire a an awesome birthday gift a couple days before my actual birthday which I have been testing for the past two weeks! My new Moto G replaces...


New WordPress Theme and Web Host for

For the last 6 months I have been on a quest to find the perfect WordPress theme and web host for I experimented with at least a dozen themes and finally a winner has emerged! If you haven’t noticed already, has a new...


New Phone acquired! – Samsung Galaxy S4


Three months ago I replaced my aging and broken HTC Legend with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. I loved my HTC Legend but being stuck with Android 2.2 and seeing more and more apps becoming unusable was starting to become a big problem and an...


Little Kaiju – Animated Short film


I rediscovered a short film I first saw a few months ago called Little Kaiju that I forgot to share. The 3 minute short film combines the sights of Tokyo with an animated character that makes memorable viewing and maybe a subliminal message? The whimsical journey of a...


10 Android Apps that made my Japan trip much easier


Traveling to to a far away land or even to an unfamiliar neighbouring town is not as difficult or daunting as it used to be. With a wealth of information available online and at your fingertips in the form of apps for smartphones and tablets...