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Playstation 4 finally released in Japan


Why did the Playstation 4, a gaming console from a Japanese company not launch in Japan like every gaming related product the company has produced such as the PSone and PS2 to PS3, PSP, and Vita? With consoles becoming more complexed and producers unable to...


Lynxx is the new Kitten in town


Longtime readers should remember when I got my first kitten I named ‘Polar’ last summer and how her tragic accidental death left a gulf in my life that I am honestly not completely over. After months and months without a feline pal I was successfully...


Japan Snippet – Narita Express

Narita Express Logo

The Narita Express was the first trained I took when I arrived in Japan after a 20+ hour 2 plane trip from Kingston to Tokyo. That first relaxing train ride may have contributed to my romantic experience with the Narita Express. Many critics say it...


Japanese Language Study comes full circle

Japanese language

I recently celebrated the the 8th anniversary of Way back in 2006 I started this blog to document my study of the Japanese language and share my interest in Japan. In September 2005 I was enrolled in private classes at a small local language...

More Turns 8 Today!


Eight is a big number in internet years, and as of today February 2nd 2014 I am happy to share that has been prancing about the blogosphere for 8 years! My little geek-flavoured slice of the internet continues to be my refuge as I...


Pictures from Japanese Calendar Exhibition 2014

Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - 6

The 2014 staging of the Japanese Calendar Exhibition was well attended even though the venue was changed from the Sovereign Center to the Four Seasons Hotel. I attended and watched or participated in many Japan-themed activities such as calligraphy, origami, ikebana, quizzes, martial arts, synchronized...


Attack on Titan Subaru Forester Commercial


Attack on Titan and Japanese car manufacturer Subaru has teamed up to create a new commercial for the Subaru Forester which features Titan. THe Attack on Titan live-action film is expected to be released in 2015 and the commercial was directed by the movie’s director Shinji...


Gaming PC gets new internals – GPU still needed

corsair vengeance DDR3 memory

Last time I blogged about my gaming PC was when I started calling it “Frank” (short for Frankenstein) because it was made up of a mixture of old parts but celebrating the arrival of a brand new super fast solid-state hardrive. Fast forward 9 months...


Japanese Calendar Exhibition 2014


Its that time of year again when the Japanese Embassy in Jamaica hosts a Calendar Exhibition that allows Jamaicans an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture as well as score some beautiful 2014 calendars. 2014 is also a special year because it marks the 50th...