What the Ancients Knew – The Japanese

samurai japan

I surfed into a 10 year old documentary titled “What the Ancients Knew – The Japanese” recently that covers how many ancient technologies and techniques have been reapplied into the modern era and helped to develop Japan into the economic superpower it still is today....


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F – Trailer


I warned you to brace yourself, Dragon Ball is coming. I am here to tell you that its coming even faster that we thought! Series creator Akira Toriyama is not only overseeing the new series but also the next movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F which is...


2015 send-off reception for successful JETs

2015 JETs from Jamaica headed to Japan

Another year another send-off reception for Jamaicans who have successfully navigated the multi-step process to be selected as an assistant language teacher (ALT) for the JET programme. This year was the biggest group yet – a huge group of 40 persons almost doubt the largest...


Kyoto Japan – Hyper Motion by Osamu Hasegawa

Videos like these make me want to jump on the next plane headed to Japan! I wonder if I’ll ever be able to create epic Japan-related videos like this in the future. Excellent job Osamu Hasegawa! A showcase of traditional streets, temples and shrines in Kyoto,...


NHK World TV Live on your Android device


NHK World has an Android app that allows users to view live TV. NHK World is a public broadcasting station similar to the BBC and it produces news and other features primarily related to Japan all day every day. I watch a lot of BBC...


Haikyū!! – First Impressions


I continue to have a hard time finding many modern anime that can keep me interested beyond the first few episodes. So I decided to go outside my comfort zone and check out Haikyū!! a shonen anime about volleyball of all sports and it is...


Japanese Anime Festival in Jamaica – Recap


Last weekend was a special time for anime lovers in Jamaica. An actual two day Japanese Anime Festival was held at the St Andrew High School for Girls and the Liguanea Club in Kingston. I was unable to attend the first day due to a...


Japanese Anime Festival in Jamaica


The Japanese Embassy in Jamaica and the Japan Foundation is teaming up to stage another Japanese Anime Festival in Jamaica. The 2 day event will be on Saturday May  30th from 11am to 5pm at the St Andrew High School for Girls and Sunday May...


Star Wars: Tarkin


Over the last few weeks I have been slowly devouring the pages of a Star War’s novel called Tarkin. Grand Moff Tarkin has made multiple appearances in Star Wars material from the original Trilogy to the Clone Wars and Rebels TV series. I have always...