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9 Reasons why I am a huge Game of Thrones Fan


I was tempted to do another “favourite X number of characters from season 4″ post similar to the one I did for my 10 Favourite Game of Thrones Characters from Season 2 but alas with half those characters dead I thought it would be best...


Japan crashes out of 2014 World Cup


I channeled my love of all things Japan and directed it towards Brazil but alas it was not enough for Japan to make it through to the round of sixteen of the 2014 World Cup. After being placed  in a wide open Group C with...


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – English Trailer

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Brace yourselves, nostalgia is coming! After a very successful release first in Japan and various territories around the world such as South and Central America Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is finally headed to North America. Only a limited amount of theaters in select North American...


Mash Di Button 2014 – Fighting Game Tournament Recap!

marvel vs capcom 3

Mash the Button 2014 has come and gone but I must say it was an epic tournament with food, fun, friends, and most importantly video games. Held on May 31st at the A Bar restaurant and lounge in Kingston the tournament was well supported with competitors...


Anime Nation 2014 set for August 16th

anime nation 2014 poster

The fifth staging of Animation is set for August 16th 2014! Jamaica’s premiere cosplay, anime and gaming event returns, this time at the New Kingston Conference Centre. The event will feature live performances, Japanese cultural exhibits, gaming booths, prizes, giveaways and of course cosplay. Poster...


A Taste of Japan by Mike Arce


I really miss Japan. My short three week trip almost 3 years ago now (yes times flies) continues to be a treasure trove of memories. When I surfed into a video entitled “A Tate of Japan” posted by Mike Arce on Vimeo recently I starting...


Berserk Golden Age Arc I The Egg of the King

Berserk Golden Age Arc I The Egg of the King 11

I have been on an action anime high lately drinking down episode after episode and movie after movie featuring giant swords, epic fight scenes and all the decapitated heads and blood baths that come with the genre. One such movie which I enjoyed is the first...


My Favourite Teams at the 2014 World Cup


Four tears ago at the beginning of the of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa I made a very popular blog post titled “Predicting the winner of the 2010 World Cup“. In it I shared my thoughts on the tournament and highlighted five teams...


Second Year of College Vanquished


Year number two for me in college has come and gone probably even faster that year number one did. Year one had all the excitement and “newness” while year two was a challenging reality check that caused a few stumbles but I was strong enough to...